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Portland is the largest and most populus city in Oregon with an estimated population of over 650,000. The Willamette river flows north through downtown and creates a natural boundary between east and west Portland while Burnside St is the general divider between north and south. Although there are five “regions” of Portland, they are still known as quadrants- Northwest Portland, Southwest Portland, Southeast Portland, Northeast Portland and North Portland. Some people also include East Portland to signify the eastern most portions of both Southeast Portland and Northeast Portland. Although the downtown area is officially within the Northwest region, it is also considered the City Center.
Over time, each of these regions has developed its own unique characteristics in terms of lifestyle, culture, demographics, home values and commuting patterns. For example, Northwest Portland attracts a lot of families looking for large homes and yards while Southeast Portland tends to attract people who are looking to be close to the city center with a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment and cultural events.


  • Northwest
    Forest Park, Nob Hill, Northwest District, Pearl District *, Downtown Portland,*Old Town/China Town*, Hillside/Kings Heights, Arlington Heights, Northwest Heights, Sylvan Highlands, Goose Hollow, Linnton
  • Southwest
    South Portland, Homestead, Southwest Hills/ Portland Heights, Bridlemile, Healy Heights, Hillsdale, Collins View, Hayhurst, Multnomah, South Burlingame, Maplewood, Ashcreek, Markham, Marshall Park, West Portland Park, Arnold Creek, Far Southwest.
  • Northeast Portland
    Irvington, Alameda, Eliot, Boise, Humboldt, Beaumont-Wilshire, Hollywood, Sabin, Concordia, King, Grant Park, Lloyd, Vernon, Rose City Park, Woodlawn, Roseway, Sullivan’s Gulch, Madison South, Cully Sumner, Sunderland
  • Southeast Portland
    Eastmoreland, Richmond, Kerns, Buckman, Laurelhurst, Hosford/Abernathy, Sunnyside, Sellwood-Moreland, Brooklyn, Cresto/ Kenilworth, Mt. Tabor, North Tabor, South Tabor, Woodstock, Reed, Mouth Scott- Arleta, Foster-Powell, Montavilla, Brentwood/Darlington
  • North Portland
    University Park, Overlook, Arbor Lodge, Piedmont, Kenton, St. Johns, Cathedral Park, Portsmouth, Bridgeton, East Columbia, Hayden Island
  • East Portland
    Hazelwood, Mill Park, Glenfair, Russell, Centennial, Parkrose Heights, Wilkes, Powellhurst/Gilbert, Argay, Parkrose, Woodland Park, Lents, Pleasant Valley

*signifies Downtown Portland neighborhoods

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