How to Quickly Sell Your Portland House in a Competitive Market

With enough time and patience, anyone can sell their home, but it takes some careful and creative thinking to stand out above the other homes for sale in your neighborhood. To get your home sale adventure headed in the right direction, let’s go over how to quickly sell your Portland house in a competitive market: … Continued

Is The Housing Market Going to Crash?

We keep getting asked, “Is the housing market going to crash?” And that’s a valid question, especially since what we saw happened back in the recession after the ramp up, like we kind of experienced the last couple of years. I worked through that environment. I, too, instinctually have that response. However, we’re in a … Continued

How to Sell Your Inherited Property in Portland

Tragedy and loss are a part of everyday life, and it’s common for a loved one to relinquish property rights to their next of kin in the event of their passing. If you have recently found yourself in the midst of needing to learn how to sell your inherited property in Portland, we have some … Continued

5 Signs it is the Right Time to List Your House in Portland

From time to time, every homeowner mulls over the possibility of selling their current property and finding the next place to call home. Let’s get a better understanding of if it could be time to move on by examining these 5 signs it is the right time to list your house in Portland. Priorities Have … Continued

Creative Holiday Open House Ideas in Portland

Hosting a get together like an open house can be a pretty intimidating prospect to those of us who aren’t used to entertaining all the time. But having an open house during the holiday season makes it much easier because a lot of the work, especially planning, has already been done for you. Because it’s … Continued

Staging Your House During The Holiday Season in Portland

Selling a home during the holiday season can be more of a challenge than during other seasons, but it can be done. The good news is that you’ll have far less competition. It’s just that staging your house during the holiday season in Portland should enhance that style rather than working against or detracting from … Continued