Alternatives for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving take out near me

Alternatives for your Thanksgiving Meal:

Are you looking for alternatives to cooking your own Thanksgiving mea? No problem! I’ve got some options and alternatives for you to consider. I’m Anne Stewart, I’m a local real estate broker with eXp Realty, and I’ve got some top restaurants to consider versus having to cook Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of people. I also have some alternatives for just picking it up to go and taking it home to enjoy.

So let’s start with three restaurants that I discovered that are probably going to be your best options. The first one is Claim Jumpers. If you’ve been to Claim Jumpers, you know they have huge portions and they specialize in comfort food. They’re going to do thanksgiving dinner this year. I highly recommend you know your party size, what time of day you want to go, and make reservations. They may be offering walk-ins, but if it gets busy enough they’re going to focus on reservations.

The second one is Cracker Barrel. So Cracker Barrel, if you don’t know, is a Southern restaurant. So if you’re thinking about going and having an alternative to a normal Thanksgiving meal, this is going to be a great option for people who want a little bit of a Southern comfort to it. You can also order to go and get pick up so you can take it with you.

The third option is Stockpot. Stockpot is right next to Washington Square, and it’s right on the RedTail golf course. If you check out the menu for Thanksgiving this year it is gorgeous. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful Thanksgiving meal. And again, when it comes to restaurants I recommend you call in advance or you check out their websites and you get reservations if you offer them.

Now lets say you don’t want to go dine anywhere. You just want to pick up the food, take it home and whether it’s just you or a larger group there’s plenty of options. So let’s start with the best options.

The first one I recommend is Banning’s Pie House, which is off Highway 99 in Tigard. They do a great job making homemade pies. And this year, starting at $99, you can order an entire Thanksgiving meal. And you know it’s going to taste like somebody home-cooked it.

The other alternatives are grocery stores. So Fred Meyer is offering a Thanksgiving meal starting at $60 this year, and you have your choice of meats. You can order turkey, you can order ham, you can order rib. Then you get into Safeway. Safeway is going to start at a minimum of about $40 and go up from there, depending on how many people you want to serve. And they have all the fixings included. And then we certainly have Whole Foods and New Seasons, and I’ve ordered from them in the past. They’ve done a great job and they’ve got great options as well.

So these are some great alternatives. Again, know how many people you are either wanting to go with to a restaurant or provide enough food for dine-in. If you’re going to make reservations, do it right away because some of these restaurants are going to get pretty full. And enjoy your meal wherever you decide! Whether you’re cooking for people or you’re taking advantage of one of these alternatives, I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day!

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