Buying a home? Get Pre-Approved!

Buying a home? Get Pre approved
Buying a home in Portland? Get Pre-Approved!
Home buyers, listen up. Are you looking at buying a home in Portland? The first thing you should do is get pre-approved! I’ve got some very important news for you. I’m Anne Stewart, I’m a principal broker with EXP Realty and I’ve been doing this for 20 plus years. And I’m going to tell you as a home buyer, the number one thing you need to do in the very beginning, get pre-approved. Let me explain.

Probably heard the before somewhere, would you accept a job offer, one you knew you would love, without knowing what they were going to pay you? Of course not. That’s why it’s the same thing in real estate. You wouldn’t go looking for a house without knowing, “Is this how much I can afford? Am I comfortable with the mortgage payment? Do I have the down payment and closing cost funds? Do I have to sell a house first or Do I have to liquidate an asset to get the cash reserves?” All these things and it literally doesn’t take more than 24 to 48 hours to get a pre-approval.

So it can be something very easy upfront, but let’s say you find the house you love and then all of a sudden you’re scrambling to get your pre-approval together. You’re trying to get paperwork over to the lender, that can eat up two valuable days in which the house you love may unfortunately already be sold.

Let’s do the right thing. Let’s talk about your pre-approval. If you need a list of reputable lenders, 20 years in the business, I’ve got a few I can steer your way. Let’s not feel overwhelmed, my team and I do this best. Give us a call, we’ll walk you through this process and make it super simple.
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