Should you get a Pre-Inspection before Listing?

Speaker 1: Good morning, it’s Coffee Talk With Anne and today we’re going to be talking about when does it make sense to do a pre-inspection before you sell your home? So why would we choose to do a home inspection prior to listing the house? Now it’s not necessarily something we advise for everybody,…

Street of Dreams Ticket Give Away

Win 2 FREE Tickets to the Street of Dreams 2022! Stewart Real Estate Group is proud to offer 2 free tickets to the 2022 Street of Dreams located in Newberg Oregon, with 2 bonus houses in McMinnville (open only on the weekend). Winner will be announced Thursday 7/28/2022. Tickets will be delivered to the winner … Continued

Alternatives for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Are you looking for alternatives to cooking your own Thanksgiving mea? No problem! I’ve got some options and alternatives for you to consider. I’m Anne Stewart, I’m a local real estate broker with eXp Realty, and I’ve got some top restaurants to consider versus having to cook Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of people. I … Continued