Coffee Talk With Anne- Home Equity Check

Coffee Talk With Anne- Home Equity Check
It’s Coffee Talk with Anne, and I’ve got the coffee from the office. And I’m going to talk to you today about home values because everyone keeps nudging me about, “Hey, is my property value going down?” I know some of you are looking online or you’re set up on searches online where maybe you’re seeing a lot of price reductions or homes sitting. And yes, we are seeing a bit of a contraction out here. Doesn’t mean the sky’s falling, but certainly we are seeing prices doing some adjusting since the last few months have been just going up and up.

So we have a program that some of you might be set up on, but a lot of you are not, and it’s called Homebot. I actually have it set up on my house. I love it. It has probably one of the best algorithms I’ve seen. If you compare it to the other online channels, you can go look for valuations. Click on the link below. We’re going to have it linked to Homebot, or you can request to get on it. Just let us know. It’s a great way to track your equity position. If you’re just simply curious and like to keep up to date, this is the way to go.

If you are thinking about selling, I’m going to highly recommend reaching out to us because, of course, the algorithmic programs only go so far to tell you what your true value is. And certainly if you have a property with nuances or you’re sitting on acreage, it’s not really going to be a great fit. So it is a great program in general if you’ve got homes around you that are selling that are similar. But let us know. We’re happy to put you on this program. Home values are adapting to this new market we’re in with brand new interest rates. We’ve seen interest rates go up one and a half percent or more this year, and they’re going to continue to go up according to the Fed. So not a bad idea to track your equity position and see how things are going. So let us know if we can be of service to you.


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