Gorilla Donuts Opens for Business in King City Oregon


Gorilla Donuts Opens for Business in King City Oregon
Anne Stewart your local community real estate broker here sharing a Tigard Business that we should all support.
Gorilla Donuts Opens for business in King City Oregon in the King City Plaza. Locally owned and operated, they make AMAZING donuts! And I’m not even a big donut fan but they really have incredible donuts at Gorilla Donuts bakery.

You can find Gorilla Donuts at 15577 SW 116th Ave, King City Oregon 97224. Go to this google maps link to get the exact mapping location: https://goo.gl/maps/F22hFgfJw9RJEqaU9 I popped in the week of their grand opening of Gorilla Donuts. I’m going to go inside to try one of these. A lot of people have been excited about them coming into the community, so let’s go check it out.

I was greeted by Jose the son of the family that owns Gorilla Donuts, his family opened up Gorilla Donuts so they could be in a community where we really don’t have any good donut shops anywhere nearby. So I’m going to order a few donuts to try them out myself, but we’re excited to have him here.

The owner of Gorilla Donuts says “The reason why we chose to come to this city is that we thought that it was about time that we opened a donut shop here in this certain area because, in order to go to the donut shop where you get a donut, you have to go all the way to Beaverton, or all the way to Tualatin. So a lot of the young folks and a lot of older folks around here all love donuts, and we thought, “Why not?”

Maple bar donuts. Yummy, yummy! As you know, I went to the Gorilla Donut place that’s brand new in the King City, Tigard area, and I brought home three different types of donuts so each one of my family members can have one. I’m a sucker for a maple bar, so I’m going to try this one out. Oh my God, not even just saying this, that is probably like the moister maple bar I’ve ever had. Super good. Whoa. I would definitely check this place out. If you’re craving a donut, you want to bring donuts to an event, you just want to try something out, visit Gorilla Donuts.

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