Have You Thought About Selling to Zillow?

Have You Thought About Selling Your Home To Zillow? Should I sell to Zillow?
Have You Thought About Selling to Zillow?

Have You Thought About Selling to Zillow?Hold up. Before you do, let’s talk. Zillow just announced, according to Yahoo Finance Today, they’re going to stop buying houses for the end of the year. Why? Because they have to blow through the inventory they’ve already bought. Here’s the lesson. About a year ago when COVID hit, Zillow stop buying houses, so those sellers who signed contracts with Zillow, Zillow went back and said, “Sorry, we’re not going to follow through.” I know because I had people calling me. I had two sellers who called me that were right in the middle of a transaction with Zillow buying their house and Zillow bailed. So don’t be stuck like that.

Just because Zillow’s a big Wall Street-backed company doesn’t mean that they can’t walk away from the transaction. The great news was I put them on the market. They not only got more money for their house. They had multiple offers in both cases, so they netted more money. It was lower fees. At the end of the day, I understand convenience can sometimes be a factor, but it wasn’t that inconvenient for them. In fact, they even commented, “Gosh, wish we would have just done this sooner.” So if you’re considering selling your house, and you want the least amount of hassles with the highest possibility of getting the most money, for goodness sakes, give me a call. Let’s talk.

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