How To Choose A Real Estate Agent For Selling

How To Choose A Real Estate Agent For Selling In Portland Oregon

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent for Selling
Hi, I’m Anne Stewart. I’m a Principal Broker right here in Portland, Oregon. People always ask how does one choose a real estate agent in selling your home. And a lot of times when people find my videos, they’re looking for a broker, a top real estate agent in Portland, Oregon. They’re looking for somebody to help them navigate a home purchase or a home sale. And I always like to introduce myself and just let you know that I’m a native Oregonian. I’ve been living in Portland my entire life. I have a family. I’ve been actively selling for such a long time that I’ve been able to get through a lot of different markets. 20 years in real estate! I’ve seen a lot of markets….some of them are not so fun ones.

So I always tell people, having the experience to help people being able to communicate at a high level and at the tempo and type that you want. And also negotiation. A lot of agents come into this career path not knowing how to communicate at a certain level and not knowing how to negotiate, not knowing how to navigate their clients through this process. Let my experience go to work for you. So first thing I would say is, let’s connect. If you see this video, hit me up. You can call my cell phone. You can hit me up on my website. You can do my email and you can even send me a text. I use all methods all the time. So, you’ve got the information now. Let’s connect.

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