What Makes Bull Mountain Orthodontics Great

Bull Mountain Orthodontics Dr. Bryce Wilcox & Staff

Are you looking for a great orthodontist? Well, we’re here today at Bull Mountain Orthodontics, let’s go talk to the staff and meet Dr. Bryce Wilcox. We’re here with Dr. Bryce Wilcox at his practice that runs Bull Mountain Orthodontics and we’re going to ask him a few questions about how he runs his practice and all the good things we hear.

Anne – Okay Bryce, there are over 220 5-star Google reviews, and I read through a few of them. There’s a lot of good things going on here and people love it here. Why do you think that is?

Bryce – We just try to treat each person like they’re family, and try to make a real connection to each individual as they come in as patients. We really strive to make sure that we try to make a positive impact on the community that we get to interact with. And it seems to show.

Anne – Yeah, I definitely felt like you guys had good culture. I read through a lot of your reviews and people love the staff, they had the same kind of thing going on. It just feels like a community, a family, they feel super comfortable. It seems like your staff, everyone here, do you guys work on that kind of culture? You guys do a lot of community stuff.

Bryce – Really, most of the stuff we’ve been doing is trying to do community events. And I think that just shows when we help out local patients, the team as a whole, we talk about each day what we’ve done. And it seems to really make a big impact on how they perceive the community and their part in it. We recently are starting to work more on office culture with our team, but that actually wasn’t a big piece. I think they mirror what we do as leaders in a big practice. And it’s continued like that since we’ve opened. So that’s exciting, to see it pass from team member to team member

Anne – Okay, so you heard it from himself. When you walk through the door, you definitely feel the culture, you feel the energy, you see all the neat things around the office which we’ve displayed. So thank you so much for your time today and thanks for taking good care of my own son who goes here to get his Invisaligns.

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